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Anger Management

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What my clients have said:

Ms. Day,

I want to thank you for seeing me again. You were so awesome. I loved how you told me the truth and were honest. I couldn't have asked for a better person. It was so informative and educational. I am going to start using the tools you have given me to succeed not only in my marriage, but to take my gifts back. Lol.. I'm going to have my life and I'm going to be happy! 

Love you and thank you again!  M 

I'm not sure if you remember me, but I attended SOP with you about a year ago. I was a bartender, got my first DUI, and was ordered to attend your group sessions. I got sober and joined Alcoholics Anonymous on July 10, 2016 and have just celebrated my first year of continuous sobriety. I have 1.5 months left of probation, but by the grace of God, I am already free.

I appreciate your facilitation of that group, and I especially appreciate all the emotional support you gave me during that difficult time in my life. Although you did not have a problem with alcohol/drugs, your compassion really touched my life. You spoke to me a bit about going back to school and starting a career. I never made it into a school; however, I did get a job in sales.

The job was great and I lasted 6 months before it was clear that sales just isn't for me. Since then, I've decided that you were right- I must finish my degree and see what else lies ahead for me.

Thanks,, K

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Cigna, BCBS PPO, BCBS Par Plan, UHC Behavioral Health/ Optum, Aetna

(Sliding Scale offered through the Open Path Collective)

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1 hr session: $100.00

45 minutes: $75.00


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1 hr session: $120.00

45 minutes: $100.00


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Weekly Class: $50.00/ week

Exit: $25.00